Babelia & C.

Babelia & C. was founded in 2002 on the initiative of Roberta Biagiarelli, a theatre actress and author who acquired her professional experience in theatre both in Italy and abroad over a 20 years period.
The Association Babelia & C. actively devotes itself to the production, search, filing and interpretation of social, historical and political themes, through the staging of plays, the production of documentaries, in the field historiographic and anthropological studies and the working out and coordination of cultural International Cooperation projects, mainly linked to the themes of peace, memory sharing, respect and education to the development of an intercultural society, protection of the rights of the weak.
Babelia & C. will connect the project with the local social frame, focusing on those associations based on historical issues (e.g. ex-immigrants, partisans, workers). In this sense we will be responsible for the organization and promotion of the closing conference.