BRAND is a non-profit association founded in 2009. It provides a network for artists, pedagogues, scientists and theatre-makers with a view to creating facilities for open and collective research, development and the dissemination of innovative theatre forms and working methods. BRAND aims to improve factors of production with regard to freedom and willingness to take risks within the production process. The organisational structure of the network is flat. Topics and working methods are selected based on their contemporary relevance and their feedback to society. For example the inclusion and participation of citizens in their pariticular social contexts used to be a crucial topic of the work of the group until now. The association's domicile is Neukölln, an inner city district of Berlin. In the former projects BRAND strongly connected its activities with the local community, especially the neighbours around its site-specific participatory performances. Realized projects, beside smaller activities, are KLAUT! KLAUS! NEUKÖLLN! 2009, KLAUS! LEBT! IDEAL! 2010, H!A!S!E! 2011 and I.M.P.A.C.T. 48© 2012. Recently BRAND has been working on a theatre project with the elderly and on how moving possibilities change with aging (June 2013). After years focused mainly on the district of Berlin-Neukölln, the association aims to collaborate with other institutions at national and international level. Also the working field shall be widened towards more networking and going into the field of adult education. Many of the members have a padagogical education or experience that BRAND seeks to improve and exchange with colleagues from other countries.
BRAND is partner of the partnership. By means of the common research and theatre production for WISE the association aims to improve and establish a convincing way of working with the elderly with the help of the theatre.