The project has a strong pedagogical value, since all the participants are involved in a comprehensive creative process.
The workshop will be based on a monitoring of the various territories in order to understand the needs and problems that the involvement of a group over 65 may imply in the different contexts.All the products of the workshops will be made with the joint contribution of learners, trainees and specialists in the various disciplines. Consequently, we could schematize the phases of the project as follows:

• modules I-VI of the workshop will lead to the writing of the “Bildungsroman”.
More in detail, module I is titled “Team building – our stories need time and space!” (10 hours);
module II, “Biographic turning points – political turning points” (10 hours);
module III, “My story mirrors history” (10 hours);
module IV, “Changing perspective-narrative skills for mediation” (10 hours);
module V, “Focus on history with aspects of biography: ask me! Narrative skills in dialogue” (15 hours);
module VI, “Presentation of the translated Bildungsroman” (15 hours);

• module VII will lead to the production of the theatrical performances. It is entitled “Developing of a performance in collaboration with professionals” (15 hours);

• from the performances, we will produce the documentary film;

• the film will be at the basis of the website;

• the whole experience will be presented in the closing conference.

Every module and step is under the evaluation and screening of both partners (through shared work and physical and Internet meetings) and learners (through the feedback provided). The very experimental and event-focused nature of the activities based upon the principles of “learning by doing” (Dewey) implies a permanent monitoring of the process.Another factor of the project is its impact on the public. All episodes of the “Bildungsroman” will be presented publicly and at the end of each performance there will be an open public discussion (“theatre forum”). This will allow the public to understand the origins of the project, but also to benefit from the technological follow up of interconnecting the various phases and parts of the project in the video. At the "theatre forum" we will provide further evaluation tools (such as questionnaires) in order to measure the reception of the work by the wider community.