M.A.L.T.E. (Musica, Arte, Letteratura, Teatro, Etc.) (Music, Art, Literature, Theatre, Etc.) is an Italian Cultural Association founded in 2006. The Association has accomplished different projects, like theatre and music productions and festivals, artistic performances, literary events, photo journalism exhibitions. It has also organised theatre and playwriting workshops with professional and non-professional students of different ages.
The Association has also developed artistic projects in different countries with persons belonging to specific social contexts: senior people (Italy); disadvantaged children (Burkina Faso and Chile); single mothers (Senegal and Kenya); immigrants coming from different African areas (Italy); inhabitants of isolated communities (Italy). Several performances have been based on seniors' interviews. In many cases, the seniors have joined workshops on theatrical education on the issues raised in the preliminary meetings. These first experiences encouraged the staff to carry on exploring the potential creativity of the elderly in a perspective of lifelong learning, as a precious element to improve social cohesion at the local level.
M.A.L.T.E.'s projects focus mostly on the enhancement of local heritage with site-specific activities and on the use of artistic techniques as an instrument for social communication and unity. The association is also exploring the field of scientific theatre through technology, experimentation on time and space, post-dramatic scripts.
Our WISE project is conceived as a "mosaic" structure. Each partner will be enabled to contribute to the project according to its specific mission and strategic priorities. This interdisciplinary cooperation will ensure to compare different educational approaches and rich high-quality standard results with a consequent wide public visibility.