The concrete objectives are the following:

• to contribute to the personal fulfilment of the seniors and their well-being through creative practices;

• to foster their constructive and active role in their local communities;

• to enhance their human capital and moral legacy;

• to rescue stories, memories, thoughts and personal political and philosophical discourses from oblivion, and build with them a post-dramatic and epic script;

• to involve the local community in an inter-generational exchange through an artistic shared experience;

• to contribute to a political discourse at the European level, transcending national borders.

The aim of the project is to give back social centrality to the role of the senior citizens. In particular, among those for whom political participation has been central to their life, a category of persons has been identified that is at risk. The lack of acceptance of the aging process and social isolation, exacerbated by historical developments, causes a heightened state of discomfort for people over 65 such as: former partisans, former activists of the student movements, dissidents at the time of totalitarian regimes as well as former public officers.

The idea of putting together institutions with different profiles has been developed in order to enable a combined approach to the goals. The organizations are expert in different fields: lifelong learning; theatre education and creativity; politics and history; technology and society; cinema; languages and translation. The synergy of the heterogeneous techniques will foster a non-formal, flexible, self-directed learning, and take into consideration the individual needs of each participant.